Impressum/ Recht

How the „Schiefe Eck“ becam the „Zum Gequetschten“

in 1578     The property ist first documented as belonging to the  
Johann Hammacher

in 1636     It was called the „Elephant“, later the „Black Crow“ and
                then, b
eing “Schiefe Eck”, it becam in
                1850 “Zum Gequetschten”

                     Wat a curios mutation!

Always a favourite with country-people, it was here they used to come after regation-processions, the cross-bearers at the front. As they couldn`t very well bring in the cross with the Saviour, they placed it carefully behind the entrance-door. But high-spirited students also came to the inn, pounding trough the door, without realising the cross was behind it – getting badly squashed.

In this sad state, the country-folk later found their cross. The story spread quickley and the “Schiefe Eck” soon becam the “Zum Gequetschten”.

in 1905     Peter Josef Frings foundet the brewery RINGS in Bonn

in 1916     It was then bought at auction by Anton Real, owner of the
                Cologne brewery “Sternche” placed An der Linde.

in 1919     This buisiness was leased to Wilhelm Machold, who
                changed its name to the Machold Brewery.
                Thirsty Bonn townspeople could have  5 L syphons
                filled up here for a mere 2,75 RM and take them 
                off home to drink when they pleased.

in 1928     Wilhelm had bought a house at nr. 9 Rosental, Frieda
                sought to increase inherited property.

in 1930     Wilhelm Machold bought the brewery and took a leasehold.

in 1932     On the restaurant “Monopol” in the Sternstraße. So osto
                open a spezial Macheold tavern.

in 1936     When her father died, Frieda Machold took over the
                brewery. Managing it herself for a further 25 years.

in 1934     She was able to purchase nr. 52 Heerstraße.

in 1935     She also bought the Weinhaus Wittmann at 6, Hundsgasse
                (today`s Lufthansa Complex), as well as a house in the 
                Ermekeilstraße in 1937.

in 1939     She begann employing a brewer, till he was called up to
                the army.

in 1941     Frieda Machold signed a lease-brewing-agreement with the
                Vivic Brewery in Bonn, till the end of 1944. She then
                continued brewing herself, as long as her Malt-supply
                lasted: a 2% beer. She called it “Hopspearls”.

in 1947     The beer doubled strength. It was a 4% barley-juice, named
                “Machold beer”. At times, Frieda was obliged to scrape raw
                materials together, just however she could.

in 1950     Frieda Machold purchased one of the old Bonn Inns: 
                Zum Gequetschten”. It was therefore an old brewery
                tradition that ended when she died on January 22 nd 1985,
                almost 88 yrs. old.

Almost all her life had been associated with beer and his making.